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2022 A Year in Review

This year had so many fun travel experiences, probably some of my favorite memories yet. I think about the places I have been this year and my just my year in general and I think what an odd yet great year it has been. All of my travels have been AMAZING like I said I think some of my favorites but the rest of my time in 2022 has been quite interesting. This year I have been in the last 2 semesters of my undergrad. My mental health with school this year has not been great. I struggled with the idea of possibly not wanting to use my degree and I still am struggling with what I want to do with my life. But as that goes I think that this year has been one of the best years yet one of the most emotionally draining years of my life. When looking at your year in review you can decide to pick out the bad parts and think what a terrible year it was. Or you can look back at all of the amazing memories and the growth that you have made over this year and see all the positives that are there. That is where I am as I am reflecting this year. This year I finally completed something that I have tried to do for YEARS. I finally finished my goal of taking a one second video everyday of this year. I made it into a 6 minute long video and as I watch it, it reminds me of all the great big and small moments I have had this year and what a great year it truly was even though there were hard moments. God was the one who got me through the lows and brought me to the highs of this year. Without God this year could have been the worst year yet. BUT I gave my burdens to him and had one of the best years yet! It just shows me when you give your life to serving God and trusting in his promises it changes your life drastically in ways you would have never guessed he could. Remember that going into this next year. Make one of your new year's resolutions to make the purpose of your life to serve Him. Not all your resolutions need to be about improving your body or other worldly things. Take the challenge to make God your first priority and your life will never be the same.

Just a few amazing memories from 2022 :)

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