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My Bucket List Hikes in the U.S.

Bucket List Hikes in the U.S.

These are places that I have not been to yet, but they are totally on my list! Here are some on the top hikes I can’t wait to do someday! Some of them are long and some are short but here are some great ideas to get you started on your own hiking bucket list!

  1. Glacier National Park

Location: Glacier County, Montana

Top 3 Hikes:

  1. Pitamakan - Dawson Loop: 17 mi

  2. Grinnell Glacier: 11 mi

  3. Hidden Lake Overlook: 2.9 mi

2. Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Location: Medora, North Dakota

Top 3 Hikes:

  1. Wind Canyon: 0.5 mi

  2. Painted Canyon Nature Trail: 4.3 mi

  3. Petrified Forest Trail: 10.2 mi

3. Arches National Park

Location: Moab, Utah

Top 3 Hikes

  1. Delicate Arch: 3.2 mi

  2. Park Avenue: 1.8 mi

  3. Devils Garden: 1 mi

4. Mt. Rainier National Park

Location: Ashford, Washington

Top 3 Hikes

  1. Glacier Basin: 7.8 mi

  2. Wonderland Trail: 96.2 (can do just parts)

  3. Skyline Trail: 5.6 mi

**These photos are not mine, all from Google**

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