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Was it really a Bible mishap?

I was driving down a really big road in my town with my windows downs jamming to music like usual and then I hit a really big pot hole and mean REALLY BIG and I thought i saw something fly out my window and then realized it was my Bible, MY BIBLE FLEW OUT THE WINDOW… I turned around into a parking lot kinda freaking out and then i saw a homeless person pick it up. i decided to not to go and try to get it back. I think God knew that guy needed my Bible to fly out the window that day.

God works in crazy ways and i think that is just one way God wanted to lead just one person to Him and He does miracles like that all day along and that’s one of the best things i’ve ever heard!

I have been praying ever since then that the guy that picked up my Bible has come to know God and wants to find a relationship with Him. I have been praying that through all my highlights and notes in my Bible that God is working through him and creating a better relationship with him.

So even though I was sad to see my Bible go that I have had for years, I am so glad it is in the hands of someone who may have never heard the word of God and maybe couldn't afford one himself. I continue to pray over him and I pray you pray for him along with me!

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